Tuesday, December 14, 2010

IGNITE Workshop @ Namma JNVB.

This write up is much different from what I usually write. This is really special for me as it is about a special occasion, at a very special place and for a special cause. YES....it is on "IGNITE-2010", a personality development and career guidance workshop we conduct at our school, JNV Balehonnur.

"IGNITE 2010", with punch line, I Want to....'FLY HIGH', is our 6th successful workshop. It was my 4th workshop and I have never missed once I started to attend. All the volunteers worked really hard for this to happen. Our preparations started one month earlier to workshop dates, 4th and 5th Dec 2010. I managed to join the group preparing for workshop 15 days late due to some work. There are few things why I never want miss this program,
  •  It is my best chance to go back to same old, beautiful place where I spent 7 wonderful years. No words in my dictionary could really explain how great it feels to walk back on those roads again.
  • I will have the satisfaction of giving back to my school, taking out 2 days of my calender, which probably designed this way just because of my school. It is amazing feeling.
  • I get to meet spirited, energetic, talented and crazy group of volunteers. We forget being seniors or juniors, and join hands together in sharing our thoughts. I get to learn tons of things personally.
  • We meet many special talents among students. We receive great respect from staff for what we are doing.
  • More than all, I forget all my work and worries. I become a kid again.
Preparation and Journey...!
Our preparation went on till the last date. We had teleconference once or twice a week. People in Bangalore use to meet during weekend in that month. Each meeting we discussed our progress, people helped each other in their preparation, we talked on 'logistics' to ppt's. Things kept changing before finalizing.Our motto was not to compromise on what we are delivering.
We started our journey from different places on 3rd Dec, in 4 different groups. Four of us traveling from Mangalore region reached the school by 10PM. Two groups from B'lore joined us sometime midnight. We had to give final touch to our preparations and to keep things in place. It went on till 3AM. All this time was a great enjoyment. Thanks to school who had arranged for comfortable stay.

Workshop Schedule...! 

Day 1....!
Morning when we were getting ready, they had arranged for hot tea or I can say "Teachers Tea". After the breakfast (bread, bajji, egg, banana), our day started with "curtain raiser and introduction".
First session was on "personality development", where speaker spoke about enhancing and grooming one's outer and inner self to bring about a positive change in our life. It was worth lesson even for volunteers. Then we also created 8 teams of students and assigned a mentor for each group.
Next we had session on "Innovation", which was meant to make students think differently. Then sessions on "careers in the field of science", " scholarships", "competitive exams" and "Taking education loans from Banks".  Each session was including relevant data and few necessary videos. Between each session there were interesting games arranged. Even we enjoyed the most playing those games. Then was lunch break to taste our school food again.

Post lunch sessions were on "Health science" and "Exploring web". After all the sessions we had speech by four of our proud alumni, Santhosh K, KB Raghavendra, TV Raviprakash, CKO Raghavendra, who have achieved great heights in their respective fields and still hungry to go. It was good learning session for us. Then we had tea break.
Post tea was counseling sessions. Here we had made different stalls like Engg & Tech, Medicine, Other sciences, Entrepreneurship ect. with experts in each domain. Students approached us with their doubts. Evening debate between the teams on a given topic was a great success. Nice dinner was served in the night to end the active day.

Day 2....!
It was "Alumni Meet" and many more alumni of the school joined that day. Everyone gave their introduction, recalled their memories, speeches and we presented our plans for much awaited Silver Jubilee Celebration next year. After lunch we had counseling sessions for interested parents and students.
Some of us played shuttle badminton, volleyball with students.

Back to our places....!
Our fun filled two days ended that evening with all heading back to their places with lots of sweet memories.
We are waiting for next workshop and before that we have big celebration, SILVER JUBILEE. We hope all our JNVB friends put their hands together to make this a big success.


  1. All men dream but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes to make it possible - T.E. Lawrence

    Awesome! This is fantastic!

    A small spark IGNITED by a group of passionate dreamers will one day see India rise up in all its' glory. Where every head will be held up high with pride and hearts filled with exceeding joy.

    Let's live that dream :)

  2. Good one Yashwanth...!
    some snaps -

    Raj and Family...we always miss your family in the workshops..!
    @Marinakka atleast please dont miss for SJC'11...its gonu be a big one..!

    Regards, Rajesh

  3. It was good to read yar. But we really missed to be there. I hope we will make it for SJC'11 it would be gr8 fun for sure
    Thanks Yashwanth for this report. Enjoyed reading.

  4. @Marina akka,
    Thank you. Yes even we are waiting to meet you and Raj during our SJC.