Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Day Visit to Onake Abbi Falls.

If your bored, lonely or unhappy, best remedy is to go outside with friends, somewhere where there can be heavens, nature and God. Yes, I mean the same, to visit to beautiful places on earth and falling in love with them.
One such a fantastic place of my recent visit is "Onake Abbi". It is one of the falls around Agumbe, a village located in the Shimoga district, Karnataka. This part of the Malnad region is among the places in India that receive heaviest rain fall. The place around is simply beautiful and challenging.

How did we reach?
Onake Abbi is around 90km from Shimoga and 100km from Manglore. We the group of thirteen friends started from Manipal. Our plan was to start by 7:30 am but you know, it wont happen as bachelors party never end in time. We left Manipal by 9 am after our breakfast. If your going by bike, don't miss to fill with sufficient engine oil. Also its best way to keep a half liter oil in a bottle, it helps if someone manages to empty the tank during parking.
Our next stopping was Hebri. To visit to Onake Abbi its must to take permission from the RFO(Range Forest Officer) at Hebri. They will charge you visiting and treking fee, which comes about 115 Rs per head. If you need a guide you have to pay 150 Rs overall. Also since 2005, Naxalite activities observed near Agumbe they even take personal responsibility letter from visitors. However this has not hindered visitors from enjoying the priceless beauty around. After taking permission and the mobile number of the guide whom we have to meet, we started again. The start point of trek is about 7km from hebri, near to a place called Someshwara. Also make sure you have all the eatables and water bottles before you leave. Take fruits, biscuit, glucose and sufficient water. By 10:30am we reached the trek spot, where our guide was waiting.

At the starting location, guide will show you a house, where you can park your vehicles. Get ready for the action, your going to sweat like anything. Its around 4km, small but really challenging task ahead. Enjoy the beauty of nature at each step. You will really spend good time with friends. Take photos and you can make out the changes on everyones face from photo to photo. Beauty should be captured. You can even witness different type of monkeys playing around. As much possible be in group. We reached the spot after about 2 hours.

As you reach...
.... no words to explain. Its just fantastic. As you touch the cold water falling, you will forget every stress and the difficulty you faced reaching there. Have snacks and fruits you had taken. Drink the cold falls water, don't think twice. Believe me you feel 'mast'. Climb few rocks and you reach the final thrilling spot. Forget everything, just jump into water. You find really nice place to swim, around 4-7 feet height. Time does not count when you are there in such places. Study nature, love nature and be close to nature. Everything in nature is lyrical by fact, enjoy it.

We enjoyed there for more than three hours. Had some snacks and fruits again. Drink and fill the water bottles again, you know your going to sweat again. Don't through plastics, nature is clean heaven and keep it clean. You don't have to climb a lot this time, but the way is steep. Its even more chllenging to hold the grip. Came down, had some mangoes since its the season. And we started our return journey.
It is my first own blog and I am happy to write on such a beautiful place. You will definitly enjoy.


  1. Fantastic man. I felt like visited the spot again. Keep going

  2. i havnt been there, am feeling to after reading ur words.

    1. Thanks Chitra...! Yes, its very beautiful place to visit. If someone doesn't like trekking, there is one more path to reach there.

  3. Yeshu , Could u please elaborate on the other path to reach there without trekking?
    A group of friends are coming and we are tight on time.
    Also will there be water during this period say around November end.?